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Reply to "Attn Jeff"

Originally posted by Bethofvt:
3 days. I have yet to have a singel auciton work! I have been working on one auction this morning for over 2 hours now. If I don't get runtime error at the beginning or when I try to upload picutres, it comes when I try to schedule. Nothing at all is working. I have tried using IE and I've tried using AOL. Makes no difference. Nothing nothing nothing works for me! And hasn't for 3 days!

AOL is horrendous to use with Auctiva due to AOL's internet browser cannot be set to independent's documented on this board somewhere.

IE has problems with pop ups...have you taken the default pop up blocking off? What version are you running?

What is your personal firewall? Is it with AOL?

If you're using Zone Alarm a member posted the other day on the board the fix for getting around Zone Alarms personal settings.

It's highly recommended to use Firefox Browser. Most of we members do.

As I said, I'm sorry you're experiencing problems..I hope that some of the questions I've asked will help to narrow this situation down to an answer for you.

My Best,
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