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Reply to "Attn Jeff"

Originally posted by SeanC:
What kind of backup plan can I put into place for LIVE AUCTIONS WITH BIDS THAT HAVE LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO END THAT ARE MISSING IMAGES? I can't add images to eBay, I can't edit my auction descriptions to include a image link to my own website.

Seriously, did you not even read my other posts? Judging by your response, I don't think so. I'm already well past the "being frustrated because I can't upload a listing bit (I got past that Sunday night when it took me 4 hours to be able to get an auction to list). I have had TL for years now, but moved to Auctiva for all of the cool features that I now can't use.

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:

Call me crazy or anal retentive but to posting would suffice in one place.

As the admin of one message board forum and a mod of another..multiple postings of the same issue in various places are a nightmare for anyone doing customer service.

If there is a problem, I do agree that an Alert would help all to be on the same page.

I've been here a year and love this place. There have been many times I'm online tweaking, uploading pics, or scheduling items and everything is going fine for me..but others are experiencing problems. I can only assume I'm on a different server.

When there is a burp for me while I'm using Auctiva..I move onto my plan B.

That way there is no time lost nor is my blood pressure rising.

One of the reasons I enjoy Auctiva so much is that I was with another paid third party service before this that was a nightmare and comparison of the services is like night and day.

I hope I'm not being pushy but...Do you have a backup plan in case there are glitches? It helps the blood pressure to always have a backup. If you can't use this service for one reason or another..then move onto plan B.

Just my thoughts on this issue. I'm so sorry you were inconvenienced by the outtage and my hope is for a better rest of the day.

My Best,

Thanks for your well thought out response.

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