Reply to "Auction terms - how much should be said?"

Hi, I have had much success with the auction layout that I use. At least up until this "Best Match" garbage that ebay came up with began. Here is one of my auctions:

I think maybe you guys are way over thinking this stuff. Its been my experience that most people read whatever portions of your ad that they want to anyway. In my opinion, most people will look at your auction in this fashion:

1. The price
2. The shipping (mostly the cost)
3. Your feedback
4. Accepted payment methods
5. Return policy

All the rest is basically there to cover your butt should a problem arise anyway. People are in to much of a hurry to take the time to look at anything why not put everything you want to say there on your ad..It does not matter how much is there as long as they can easily find the stuff they pick and choose. Last but not least, they all want to be dazzled, even if they don't know it. So make it look good. When they see a nicely laid out auction, subconsciously they think that you spent a lot of time and effort on the it and that makes them think you really care about your auctions, which in return makes them feel comfortable about you and comfortable about buying from you. Just make sure that when they do go to picking and choosing what they are gonna read, that they can find it easily. Just my thoughts about it. Good luck to you!
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