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Originally posted by wayoutwest:
when logging into my account, i noticed that they now have 1st American Card Services logo on the account manager

I dont know if theyre owned by the same people, or simply a preferred authorizenet reseller, but if youre looking for merchant account, might check them out

Their Internet Merchant rates posted on site are:
Fixed Discount Rate 2.32%
Transaction Fee 25¢
Monthly Statement Fee $9.00
Monthly Minimum Fee* $20.00

which, they dont mention it, but you would also have an gateway fee on top of that.
i think i figured out why the 1st American Card Service logo is appearing on my admin panel. I think it's because my account is through Woodforest National Bank out of Texas, who is a reseller for 1st American Card Services, who is a reseller.

In other words, my merchant account is through 1st American, using the gateway. I betcha if merchant account was through one of the other merchant account providers, would have different logo on there.
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