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Hello Community,

We performed an update to the site today that included many changes to improve performance as well as several enhancements to our features.

Although you won't notice most of the "behind the scenes" updates, you will notice that we've released new versions of our listing pages (Closed, Active, and Scheduled) to try out. Click the link at the top of the current pages to see the new versions. Just as we did with the new Saved Listings page last year, we hope you try them out and share your feedback and report any changes you'd like to see. These new pages will all become the default pages once we're confident that they work as they should and that you are happy with them.

On the new Saved Listings page, you will see a new link at the top of the page that says "View Deleted Listings". If you have ever accidentally deleted listings and thought they were gone forever, now you have a safety net of sorts. Saved Listings that you delete will stay "saved" for 14 days, and you can easily restore them yourself without having to contact customer support.

We added support for eBay's new same-day handling option. In the Shipping Tools section of the lister, you will see "Same Day" as an option in the domestic handling time drop-down menu. Remember to set up your shipping cut-off time on eBay (the default is set at 2pm Pacific time) before creating your listings using that option. You can edit your Saved Listings in bulk to add this new handling time using the Advanced Edit (aka Find & Replace) feature. Active Listings can also be updated with the new handling time as well.

When relisting items from the Closed Listing page, you can now add the option to accept best offers from buyers for fixed price listings, or listings that were auction-style that you are switching to fixed price. Just check the box(es) next to the best offer options you want to add.

End a listing early without having to go to eBay to do it. From the new Active Listings page, just check the box next to the listing to end and click the "End Early" button.

On the new Active and Closed Listings pages, you can add a note that only you will see on the page. Click the yellow note icon to the right of the listing you want to add a note to.

As always, if you encounter any bugs or other unexpected behavior, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support and make them aware of the issue.

Thank you for your patience during our update, and happy selling!
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