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Reply to " Site Update 6/11/13"

Of course it is not showing in the active listings if a bulk relist is done...that is what the issue is. That is what was posted when you said how "well done" you think it is.
It is not "well done" that sellers listings are being changed from how they created them.
It is not well done that sellers have to go in and revise all their listings to make sure they are listed as they were created to be listed.
It is not "well done", as you said, that this issue can cause loss of sales for sellers, creates more work and go arounds or that it changes how listings are set up by sellers.

Once again the bulk relist is now eliminating the best offer "originally" created in listings. This is a problem. A big problem especially for sellers that do large amounts in a bulk relist. It is changing how a listing is initially set up. This was not an issue prior to the update either.

Now if the seller even catches it, the listings need to all be edited/revised or all their listings are going to be listed incorrectly, if they had best offer.
This is not the only issue but one that AUCTIVA needs to address as it has the potential to cost sellers a lot of money because buyers can't make offers when sellers set it up that they could.

You are not technical support for Auctiva and you clearly don't understand nor have a way to resolve the issue.

Listings should not be changed unless the seller specifically changes it.

I am not sure what to say about you "liking" that listings are being changed from how they are set up by the sellers but maybe you "like" having your listings changed, not being informed about issues caused by the update, not having these issues addressed and having additional work to get them back to how they were originally set up to be or to have to revise and work around everything but most of us, the rest of us, do NOT...nor do we think it is "well done" and "WE", the rest of us would like to get it fixed.
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