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Reply to " Site Update 6/11/13"

can't we all play nice in the sandbox please

I promised myself I would no longer be drama into these types of exchanges but so much for that promise

trinkets why use a public forum to vent your frustration with Auctiva. Say your peace and than move on. Use a support case for follow-ups and keep it out of the public eye. believe me Mike sees the support cases even when you don't think he does. be happy Mike is still here on the Commerce side of things Chris (the Mike of that side) took another task and now they have no one. They pay more than we pay and right now are getting less visible support than we are

just to set the record straight
when you say
"..Is it possible that you let just Auctiva respond to the problem instead of derailing it with things that have nothing to do with anything ???? I for one as well as many others would like to get the actual problems fixed.

No one derails threads if you post you have a problem, so how about showing the same consideration to others and stop with this game you continue to play...."

excuse me but you are guilty of violating your own comment above as this thread had nothing to do with a problem much less YOUR problem, but rather an announcement of what had been done. So it is you who have co-opted this thread not the other way around.

There is no system known to man nor woman that does not have issues. Nothing is perfect. do I wish Auctiva was more responsive well of course I do. I still have 264 listings I can't change unless I want to redo all the item descriptions again but when silence is the reply I move on.
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