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Reply to " Site Update 6/11/13"

Ed this is a Help Board and is for discussion of Auctiva issues. In case you have not noticed that is what most of us use it for and what this thread has been used for by almost everyone posting
No one is interested in hearing once again about how nothing is perfect or excuses for Auctiva. This is far past the nothing is perfect perfect excuse. We are not talking about a few issues. We are talking about issues with every aspect of the system. With the uploaders, the templates the bulk relists, having to browser jump and the list goes on...and it costing us way too much too much time and money when they advertise the exact opposite....and it is not getting better. It is getting worse.

It is also not a valid excuse for anyone with real technical background to make or does it work to minimize the scope of the issues...and not helpful to other sellers or the community as a whole to do so.

They are also fully capable to answer for themselves as they should and that is what we in part pay them for.

If you don't mind "once again" as this seems to be an issue for you, allowing people to post about their issues without derailing the threads with your personal drama that has nothing to do with an Auctiva issue.
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