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Reply to " Site Update 6/11/13"

Why would you file a support ticket on something you said was so "well done" ?? Changed your mind now??

So only your posts should garner the right attention and not be derailed....just as I said. Now that you have decided it is not so well done, which was originally said and posted about, it should get attention because you decided so....thank you for admitting that and showing that you derailed the thread so you could get the attention and take it away from the original posts saying this was an issue.

Could have saved all that drama by allowing the original post on the issue to get the attention it deserved by not derailing it...only to end up admitting it is not so well done and is actually a huge issue for others.

And BTW Auctiva is already aware it is an issue...and has been for a while.
There is also no "better way".....there is only they need to fix it.
We don't need or want another work around or to have to revise every listing every time we relist to a problem that just needs to be fixed.

We already know the work around.

Why is it that you and Ed are the only people have to follow me around and derail almost every thread or comment I post on or about. Is it really necessary to derail every post or thread??? I don't follow you around or derail your threads or posts?? Whatever the reason I really don't care keep it off the boards and stop.
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