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Hello Community,

We have completed our stealth-like site update that began earlier today and I want to give you a brief overview of what was in the release. Hopefully no one was disrupted!

New option to choose what items are displayed in the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery . At the request of many of our users, we've added a new option that will help sellers who list mostly fixed price, good 'til cancelled listings. Traditionally, each time the scrolling gallery refreshes (which it does about every 2 hours,) it is repopulated with 16 items ending the soonest. If you have all "good 'til cancelled" listings, this method just won't work, and will not update the scrolling gallery since nothing technically had an end date. Now we have added a "Random" option, which will select up to 16 of your items, regardless of their end date, to populate your scrolling gallery. Then at each refresh, they are replaced in the scrolling gallery with new items. Go to the Stores tab>Scrolling Gallery>Customize page to update your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery options.

Listing Preview page. Updates have been made to fix a few of the bugs on the Listing Preview page.

New Emporium templates. To support future enhancements to the Emporiums, it was necessary to release updated templates that have a new streamlined and modern look and feel. You can keep using your current template, but be aware that if you change to a new template and apply it to your Emporium, the old template options will disappear. New users will only see the "new" templates moving forward.

Supersized Image Page. This new page will replace the old "version 2" page that had been available on the Account Preferences page. The page will better support eBay's image policies in the future and gives users handy thumbnails to navigate through your images (instead of the numbers and clunky arrows on our classic supersized image page.) To switch to the latest supersized image page, go to the My Account tab>Settings>Acct. Preferences page and look for the option under the Image Management section.

More updates to come down the always, happy selling!
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