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Auctiva Commerce Store

I am new here so please forgive me if I have to post more than one time to get it right.

My question concerning Auctiva Commerce is; is there a way that eBay members can direct potential customers to their Auctiva Commerce Store? Certainly, I have maintained a list of customer/buyers over the last few years with eBay. Does eBay own the names on that list or does the seller own them? I seem to recall that an agent for one firm can leave that firm and use the names retained by memory in a similar endevor. However, the same is not true for a written list. The agent cannot leave with a written list of customers, and use said list to target business for any new similar endevor. It seems to me that eBay feels that they own the sellers buyer list, especially those buyers that one obtains through eBay's message forwarding system.

So, there are two important questions here. First, can one use existing eBay listings and store to key in Auctiva Commerce, and does eBay really own the sellers customer list?

Thank you in advance for your courtesy and considerations.

Sarah (Sally) Sumerlin

Cherokee-Sumerlin Trade Beads
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