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Reply to ""Auctiva Launches Photo Contest""

Auctiva, hate to ask this again, but since these are forums and this is a contest through Auctiva, I do not feel I should have to chase down facebook and twitter to see pictures. Why are they not posted here where the contest actually applies? To be real honest I do not depend on auctiva news on facebook nor do I twitter. Is there a reason that we HAVE to check facebook/etc. for auctiva news? If this is the new norm then we need to be told that.

It seems to me that it would only take seconds to put on here, probably less time than it would to be posted on both facebook and twitter.

I am in quest always to improve my photos, so do enjoy seeing them and have written to ones I like and gotten hints from them.

Thanks for posting Auctiva business on Auctiva forums. (have no problem with them on other sites for those who like to find your news there, but would like to see them here also)

Maybe this has been abandoned? After several months of not seeing winners thought I would ask?

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