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Reply to ""Auctiva Unveils e-Commerce Platform""

Below are my thoughts as a website owner and a current operator of an eBay store.

eBay as a lot of us sellers know has become greedy and doesn't really fix any problems as to the shipping options. Secondly, a lot of smaller sellers are basically forced to do free shipping and not be allowed to put any rules in force. I do understand websites have to make money, but all of the upselling and restrictions on eBay has been a major issue. Mention google and your listing is pulled.

Nor can we really promote ourtselves without buying into a Prostore or banner ads.

The other sites out there as to eBay's competitors are for one harder to use, secondly, the marketting isn't there. also, the registration issue from what I see is still a big turn off. As a result I bit the bullet and bought an e-commerce shopping cart which wasn't cheap, but that's also another product that's not perfect and nor, do I want to spend thousands for webdesign and debugging. After 1700 products on my site, it ran into some very minor problems. Point being will Auctiva shopping cart handle thousands of products while showing potential buyers real time inventory.

Another issue is can we use our photobucket or image hosting accounts vs. playing around with one's external hard drive to upload images.

What are the costs on a monthly basis? Playle's a competior of eBay is at $9.95 a month after the trial period or Broinze level dealer package.

How is marketting going to be handled? Any plans for TV. This is why eBay in my opinon is kicking the crap out of other auction venues.

Google Base is a powerful tool to list one's inventory - will Auctiva do this for it's users? Google base unlike other data feeds costs nothing! eBay stores does this.

Will we have a seperate domain option or be able to link are main site with the store, eBay auctions.

Can we use the auctiva listing tool and do custs and copies of our template. I have playing around with comma delimited files as to Excel.

What would be a real killer to eBay is a way to export one's listings into the auctiva store with the ability to auto edit similar to what eBay has vs. doing each product on a one by one basis.

eBay's domain for it's stores looks unprofessional and so does stamp wants. Who really wants a bunch of numbers in the URL/web address. As to inventory - will it be in real time. Can we link with Google Checkout, Paypal, Paypal Micropayments? And, accept traditional payments which eBay is going to stop in January of 2009.
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