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Reply to "Big Crumbs vs. Kick It Back ???"

Originally posted by Night Owl:
Big Crumbs vs Kick it Back? Confused
Any thoughts as to which is better to use?
-They both seem to be only good for BIN items as they only refresh once every minute?

BC ? = Should I be a "Saver" with 36% of seller insertion fees or an "Earner" with 20% of seller insertion fees + referral credits.
Which is better without being a true retailer? Less for personal purchases with hopes of downline people, or more for personal purchases, but less for downline?

KIB = 1% of sale for purchase + 1/2% for referral purchases w/ebay use only?

KIB vs BC - Not that there are going to be any insertion sales like $0.20 in the near future, but it would make a big difference in your credit amount also; correct?
KIB would be a set 1% of the sale price / BC could be 36% (or 20%) of the $0.20 insertion fee-right?

Finally, BC offers other site usage, but does KIB?

Thoughts from those with more experience and knowledge than I?
Thanks for your input Big Grin

I don't know much about KIB, but so I will tell you about the + side of BC.

I use BC for BIN and regualr auctions. It works for both. But it does not work if you use a sniping service.

I am a CrumbSaver - I get the 36% cash back of the seller's fee on purchases I make. I am a CS because I shop a lot and like the higher %. But if you refer a bunch of people and think that you would gain more money from your downline's commission, then you can change to a CrumbEarner.

BC's has tons of stores to choose from. They have great Customer Service and a community of great people.

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