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Reply to "Boycott, How assinine."

Originally posted by member_8880:
I have to agree with you 100%. I too have the kind of items that can ONLY be sold on Ebay. I've been adhering to the boycott but you're right, it's so very discouraging. If I had somewhere else to go, I'd be gone. I fear that's the case with most of us. Every day I find out some new bit of bad news and I just wonder when will it all end.


Perhaps one day a group of investors will get together and sink a few million into the development of an alternative and competitive auction arena. It's done a lot in other markets, so let us hope it happens in this one too. Smile In the mean time, business as usual at eBay. Making adjustments to my selling strategy so we still make a profit etc etc... I read somewhere once that if you don't sway in the wind like a tree, the hurricane will crush you.


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