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Bring .TheTrainGuy .. HERE!!

to make a great forum of people who can REALLY help ALL one needs really wise posters....

here i found this .. thetrainguy on psu and included a posts of his... also there is another there but maybe hasn';t posted since his POST on the most important issue facing that site... stockmiser... all forums should bring these 2 people to their forum if POSSIBLE...!!!

all the biased messed up people with hate are trying to misdirect and also others with OTHER agendas list the psu site itself..

the auction chart on psu... states the AUCTION COUNT LISTINGS...... but ecrater and blujay has NO auction count listings and all their store listings is COUNTED...... none on this family site says this is INCORRECT on the chart...

now a bunch of biased haters comes in and says that total count BY wagglepop is wrong.... of course THEY do NOT say the count from this own site psu is WRONG .. the wrong count that psu counts ecrater and blujay..... there are NO auction listings AT ALL there.. so the correct number would be 0 for those 2 sites...... SO these biased haters IGNORES the FIRE at their OWN house .. this ecrater and blujay wrong count in the PSU chart... and goes down the street looking for a house fire......

they then see wp with a different number of items listed up for sale... they see psu's count of auctions ONLY for WP and says WP is wrong.... WP number clearly is BOTH the store listings that are not in auction format and also the auction listings..... froogle picks up the store listings the store items can be bought... so it is outrageous how biased haters do.... but like i said so many have AGENDAS to stop a REAL competitor and some sites MAKE money from the HOPE of sellers ... bringing a real competitor would stop these sites... so they only want the HOPE to be there not a real competitor and they then BECOME biased.....

here is a wise guy train guy... a guy not biased and is reasonable and cares for thruth and value and quality.... these guys should be fished out of these forums to make a mother of all forums with just the WISE.... and then REAL progress will made from these wise people!!

here is train guys comment at psu:::

I stand by my original post, both counts are correct for what they measure. I counted total listings on Wagglepop until I got to over 90,000. I won't waste my time and count them all but if someone has it in for Wagglepop they should declare their biases. Constructive critisism should be the rule, not site bashing. That only benefits Greedbay.
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