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Reply to "Bring .TheTrainGuy .. HERE!!"

what is the correct count of ecrater and blujay to be placed in the psu chart count???

there clearly a correct count to be placed in that chart... but it is NOT there

now the problem is how people argue like crazy about the WP count on the chart... they try to show that WP is doing something bad or in error cause they show a different count on their site... the psu chart only counts wp's auctions not their store items.... but WP's Sites counts both.....

so all these psu family members ..are trying to show THEY CARE about this principle of auction count being correct... auction listings are auction listings... so their professed principle is shown to be baloney when they do NOT go first to their own house with the incorrect counting ... psu auction count listings chart... they show ecrater and blujay both incorrect..... the correct number for both is 0 !!

what i'm getting at... is how people are so blinded with agendas that they cannot see.... and this is the very THING that has got americans letting the robber barons destroy their own lives and families..

and in forums and chat rooms people become like families blinded to that agenda.....

the MOST important thing for sellers is to do politics correctly..... no amount of other work will WORK...!!! .. and WEBSITE building will NOT free one from the ebays .... they will just change name to search engines where one then will have to pay like they are paying feebay today.... this will happen unless people do politics RIGHT!!
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