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Reply to "Call for success stories"

Not a success story yet, but hoping it will be.

My mum retired early a few months, but got bored.

She knew I was interested in computers, and had bought on sold on ebay.

As she had some spare cash set aside, we decided to set up a business. She does the research and puts the money in, I do the web side of things, posting the auctions, dealing with the sales, emails etc.

I had a baby a year ago, so the fact that we can list all items once and have Auctiva relist them until they go out of stock is a god send.

In our first 3 weeks of business we have made £460 profit(with paypal and ebay fees still to be taken), with a "trial run" and hope its a long and happy partnership.

I wouldn't be possible if it wasn't a matter of telling Auctiva to keep listing auctions until we're out of stock, and making it so easy to list in the first place with templates etc.
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