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Reply to "Can I get rid of that stupid Leave Feedback on the left of the page???"

Interesting that is put there so most people were "clueless" as to what it was and purpose of it. I think in hopes of ditching it I responded but not even sure of that, may have just looked at it and ignored it. If I responded I sure did not put the thought into it that I would have knowing what it was for. I probably responded as though...just another waste of my time and put something.

Auctiva how about some kind of POLL on forums OR something on forums just asking for input???? That is IF input is "really" wanted.

A lot of people do not list daily, weekly, monthly and may not see this at all, but may have very constructive things to say that could contribute to the new page. Also, could send email asking for input as some people only list seasonally and may have things important to say. I know some of the commerce people do not list through ebay all the time and they may not see this at all. I am sure due to their experience they would have some great thoughts on this new page.

It would be nice IF you are going to leave this Please PUT WHAT IT IS FOR????? That it is for new page being worked on? I sure did not realize this until recently announced.

Other food for thought, is sometimes one person could post something on forum and that jogs others to add to it creating a good suggestion made even better. It would also give people opportunity to say, this is GREAT please do it, naw, not as important to me as __??____. You would be able to see what we really feel is important and needed.

Plus, may zip up the forums a bit!

Perhaps this IS, in fact, contributing to the slowness issues that have been reported for quite a few weeks now???? Any chance of that auctiva????

Auctiva please reconsider location of this and at minimum add what it is for. Most people are NOT going to give feedback unless they know WHY they are doing it.

Just my thoughts... placement is not placed where people respond and without identifying WHY person is doing this, most people will ignore this. Knowing WHY will sure make people more willing to help since we know we all have a "wish list" on new page. Not saying all of our wishes will come true, as we are realistic that you can't please all of the people all of the time. (as long as you please me it is A-ok Wink . . HA that part is Joke NOT serious).
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