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Reply to "Changing insurance details"


Normally the shipping price will be in the box and included into the ins. I checked with auctiva about the shipping fee included in total ins amount and IT SHOULD be included.

But, there seems to be a glich / bug in auctiva ins area at the moment because it is not including teh shipping fee. They know about it because I sent in a request to the help desk. They are looking into I think. ?

I just bought the ins without the shipping fee included on the last sale, my shipping was only 3 bucks, so it was not a big deal on this sale. But of course if your shipping fee is higher then you would want the ins applying to it.

I would put a request in to the help desk, give them the auction number and total ins req etc.

They might be able to do it for you from thier end. Let me know how you get on, cos this seems to be happening alot lately.

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