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Charged fees for making changes to listing?

Can someone whose been using this service for a while please take a minute a quickly respond to this. I would greatly appreciate it.

I think it's a reasonable question, I've read all the info. on this site and I don't see it listed anywhere:

If I need to make an edits to an active listing -- I can access my listing via Auctiva, but it appears I'm then transferred to Ebay -- when I make the edits (ie: a chng. in wording, or chng. in photos, etc. to my current/active listing -not including adding things that ARE known 'fee'-based things: adding a buy it now, reserve, or upping my initial insertion price-) will I be charged any additional fees from ebay after I make the edit/s?

I know ebay is fee-happy. And my concern --what I'm unclear about-- is for example, if I access a 8-photo listing I put through via Auctiva (and am currently not being charged from ebay for those xtra photos, as well as the floral template I'm using), but then if I access it to make chnages to my text will ebay then recognize my listing has all these extras and suddenly chrg. me the additional fees for them?

Or ... no, since my listing is hosted on Auctiva I can make as many changes I may need to my active listings and ebay can't/won't charge any of their fees for me doing so.

I'm very new to this and I'd really appreciate a respone to this. Thank you so muchin advance.
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