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cheap laser printer

just noticed that Staples has the Samsung ML-2010 laser printer on sale again. This time it's 49.98 after rebate ($129.98 then a $30 instant rebate, so $99.98 up front, then $50 rebate)

Item # 608742

Sale ends TOMORROW 5/13. I woulda posted this sooner, but just noticed it.

The paper tray looks like a cassette, it's not. it's a tray like inkjets have.

I bought one of these back on Black Friday and it's been a great little workhorse. Theyre not made for industrial/heavy use, but from experience i've had with mine are great for home use.

I have noticed that labels tend to be printed a little bit "off". printing is a little bit higher up than it should be. But for the most part that hasnt been a problem. Works fine with my 1/2 page labels i use for bubble mailers Smile

Comes with free shipping (staples does free s/h on purchases over $50)

anyway, just a heads up for anyone who wants an inexpensive laser printer.
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