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Reply to "Check out this New Template 4 me Auctiva Made"


I have two with java and one without java. The one with java enables three pics with roll-over to enlarge pic.

The no java allows for one pic with rollover to enlarge.

The images of the different categories are rollover, too. Majorly KEWL! The look is retro/black and white until the mouse rollsover and then color when the mouse hovers.

Once a perspective buyer clicks on one of the categories it will take them directly to my store category selling those items.

Great for cross-selling!!!!!

The lady will be turned into a brunette..which Auctiva Brent told me on the phone that's a good sign. It means that I see the template as a part of my sales marketing even before I've started using it.

I've been so pleased to be working closely with Auctiva and has been a wonderful experience.

Sorry the pics are big and you have to scroll...they haven't been resized.

By the way, before someone points it out..I did take the word cash out of the payment and shipping areas and it was very easy to do.

Take care, Donna

PS And as Starry Night has stated privately to me...she now knows what my computer is named, too! <smile>
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