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Reply to "Checkout profile"

Hi DeniseCharb,

Thanks for posting your question here.

I reviewed your account and confirmed that your sole checkout profile is integrated into all three of your current master profiles and, while I do see that your Return Policy details are not showing up immediately after your master profiles are loaded, it appears that data is just concealed because you have not selected an eBay category as part of your master profile.

Given that the options available in the Return Policy section may vary by category in certain cases, that whole section will not show up on the Auctiva lister page until you have selected an eBay category for the listing you are creating.

If you load any of your master profiles and then choose an eBay category from the “Category #” field on the lister page, you should then find that the Return Policy details stored in your checkout profile will show up in the Checkout Options section of the lister page.

I hope this helps clear things up!

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