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Reply to "Chirstmas in July?"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
I think a group effort is always better than going it alone. More exposure. All for one and one for all works for me. In fact, I have mentioned to a few sellers (who aren't in direct competition w/me) that I would be happy to do a link back to their store or Me page banner exchange. I'm willing to exchange banners with sellers who have a great reputation and so forth. Just let me know.

As far as another listing special.....

Hey, I could be wrong. More likely, they will do one next month as they gear up for the 'real' selling season.

Okay, let's get on this. IF it is a good idea, we have little time to get ready for it.

PS - Donna, no worries. It will be here for you.

I'm kicking back until eBay truly goes into hyperdrive in August for back to school.

I think eBay will have a dime day at that time to get the ball rolling.

I also think with Gpay starting up that eBay will finally feel competition and begin throwing we the sellers more "bones." And that should start about the same time as the "season."

Magie, Remember the webring that Burly did for we SD members. I belonged to that ages ago as I know you did. The worst thing about web rings is when one person leaves it breaks the ring. I left it because it was broken and wouldn't continue onto all of the sellers.

Anyhoooooooo, As soon as I get all of my auctions changed over to the new template, I had plans to do doing something similar to what you've suggested with banners and such. (GMTA) Have you seen in the stores forum where they have members that ageed to switch links with others..kinda like that but not so over the top. I saw one site that had at least 100+ banners. Too many for me to go through.

I participated in the Christmas in July SD group/members sale...I can't remember how well it did. Dang, it's hard getting old! <smile>

I have GOT to get to work..
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