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Reply to "Choosing "select image" locks up the computer"

Originally posted by John in Santa Cruz:
Choosing "select image" locks up the computer, as does "browse or select eBay category", but only some of the time. I end up saving the listing before even attempting to load photos, so that I do not lose everything for the listing, and then I will "continue editing same listing" to try to add photos. I have been using Auctiva for more than five years, and my computer (Vista) has not changed in about three years. I am guessing that Auctiva just made an "upgrade revision" that does not function. It is super annoying to add steps or lose my work, so I am looking for help. Thanks.

Yes some sort of "upgrade" was done as there are also changes to the listing page but to what extent is not known by us YET.

There have also been a lot of issues with the uploader especially over the last few months that have not really been resolved.
For now "we" are doing our best to use work arounds...such as trying different browsers to upload the pictures or using the basic uploader. As annoying as it is that is the best you can do for now until something gets fixed.

Good luck to you.
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