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Clearer details on how relisting profiles work

So, I create a relisting profile that lowers my item by $.25, and relists for 3 days, if NONE sell. And this profile quits relisting, when the price drops below $2.

So, let's say I have quantity 10, and the price is at $3, and 1 sells.
Therefore, the relisting profile will not fire...cuz one sold.

Now, I manually go in, and relist it, with a new quantity of 9, for 3 days @ $3. I perform this manual relist, via eBay (not via Auctiva).

What happens at the end of 3 days, if NONE of those 9 sell?

Will Auctiva relist it, or not?
Basically, I'm wondering if the relisting profile unhooks itself, as soon as I perform a manual relist of an item. Would the behavior be different, if I'd have performed that manual relist via Auctiva?
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