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Closed item problems,relisting issues,changes coming?

I use blackthorne also but would like to downgrade it to the cheaper monthly fee and use auctiva to do all my relisting but running into a few problems

1. Everytime I delete the closed items I dont need then show back up later on,sometimes items show up from weeks ago or months ago. I had just 12 items in there a little while ago(ones I was going to try relisting on)

now when I go in a couple of hours later there are 30 or so again,3rd time I have deleted them but they keep coming back

2. Will auctiva ever make changes to relisting is a little easier? Like telling us if an item is relistable(get credit back) or if it was already relisted so we have to submit it again? If you relist an item a 3rd time you wont get the credit back if it sells but if you submit it then it does not sell and you relist you get it back.

3. When relisting an item that had multiples and 1 sold, why does it not delete the 1 sale and only have what is left when you submit it again? Pain to have to manually go into the item and change the quantity when you should be able to just click on relist.

I know blackthorne does all the above but its expensive and I love auctiva and I like its web based so I dont have to worry about backing up files like with blackthorne.

And I can use auctiva on any computer which is nice

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