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CLOSED Listings - improvements needed to be useful

Closed listings is a great - fairly new option. Here is some suggestions for improving it so that it is useful to us sellers.

#1 - be able to schedule the relist --- currently the only option is relist now. I can do that directly on ebay if I wanted so it's not a benefit to me UNLESS I can schedule them. I like to schedule my relist all for the same day. That way I know that anything that closed on that day is a relist and won't qualify for credit if sold. I schedule all my relist for one day a month. SCHEDULING is probably one of the number one reasons sellers use services like Auctiva.

#2 - Not one of my thumbnails show up - so I have no idea what the item really is. All the images next to the title say Image not available.

#3 - Some how indicate if it's a listing that qualifies for ebay credit if sold on this relist.

How long will the items stay on our list? Will they disappear in 60 days like on ebay? Or will they stay forever like they did on the old SpareDollar service?

Any chance in getting the scheduling portion any time soon? That's is the think I miss the most since moving to Auctiva.
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