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Hi Julie,

Its sure more difficult today to vend and be profitable than it was years back. There are many reasons. At eBay for example many many more people and businesses are using it than did say 10 years back. We actually worked with eBay before it was called eBay. Back then there were many many places to vend. Some were more successful than others but almost anyplace would bring some sales.

Anyways... like I said if I find some time I will try and write something up pertaining to driving traffic. There are a few things you should do right from the word go however.

I looked at your actual eBay ad's. These need look much more pretty than they are. No offense. Looks count. Your female, most female's in the USA are hearty consumers Smile In our society EVERYTHING is sold via looks FIRST then comes the rest (if you will). On the net its an imperative as what people see is well... whet they see. Its not like going into say a store and having a beauty clinician right there giving us advice and what makeup and application thereof is perfect for us, the consumer. On the net what the consumer first see's is the first impression they will get.

Think about that.

What do your type of prospect customers want to see? The colors, the artwork, the presentation.

Perhaps when I am done doing ours I may be able to help with yours (I am a tech guru/software engineer) with some form of provision made we can discuss.

You want establish a mailing list, right now use eBays. Later you will also want establish your own... perhaps many.

You need start establishing a PLAN. I am here, I want to be THERE preferably by "XX Time". Start thinking about how to do that with WHAT YOU PRESENTLY KNOW and know HOW to do.

Dont worry about "gaps" in that plan (and there will be gaps) as those gaps will get filled in as you LEARN the technology. Learn the technology? Yes.

The #1 failing of proprieterships on the net is not understanding the technology side of it. This may suck I know, I've always been up on the technology so to me its a natural. Some will hire third parties to establish a web presence and thats often a ying/yang deal.

Your best asset is always yourself and your ability to learn what you need know in the technology to be effective and grow.

If you knew nothing about cars at all and are trying to be a car salesman can you succeed? Probably not unless the product naturally just sells itself.

So get a web editor like NVU which you can download for free and start playing. It might be rather frustrating but dont give up.

I would advise you purchase a domain and webspace, you can get it cheap these days. I saw a place the other day ( I think) thats like $1 a month paid in advance.

Start learning... make some web pages, upload them on and on. LEARN THE BASICS and then keep learning.

Eventually we'll want establish a community at this domain and perhaps others. Forums, Blogs, Polls, on and on. Point being establishing a friendly community draws people to one spot... your site(s). This affords you the opportunity to make friends as well as customers.

Many a business puts its eggs in one basket as proprieterships and thats not a good idea. Trust me. Been there.

You'll also want take a look at sourcing so you can build upon your existing merchandise line as profits grow... perhaps even some diversification.
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