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Reply to "combining shipping"

Originally posted by emeraldgoddess:
Hope someone can help me figure out why my shipping won't properly combine. I have combined shipping set in ebay, set to combine weights, have use eBay prefs in the listings but multiple items keep combining and only charging shipping for one item. I have email CS for 5th time w/ no response. Ebay CS was no help since listings are thru Auctiva ..EB says Auctiva problem....meanwhile I am eating the excess shipping on the once that pay instantly.
and, yes, I am new, but I need help, please?

Hail and well met Emerald Goddess, Smile

Since it would seem you have eBay configured for combined shipping, even as far as talking with eBay CS, I would ask you do the following.

At your Auctiva Homepage (after signing in)

1. Click My Account > Checkout Settings and be sure that the option 'Use Auctiva Secure Checkout' is toggled 'YES' then click 'Save Settings' at the bottom

2. Now you should be back at the 'My Account' page. Click on eBay Settings. Click 'Update Combined Shipping Discounts from eBay'

Now you should be golden.

Just remember, you have to click on 'Update Combined Shipping Discounts from eBay' everytime you make a modification to your Combined Shipping preferences there.

Happy selling!

Best regards,
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