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Reply to "Completing Listings cause errors."


You are probably very sincere in trying to solve Auctiva problems. However, I do not believe that you are an Auctiva Tech Support person; and with every company where I have contacted tech support with the correct and appropriate formats and processes, a dialog begins between tech support and the user, and a status for the tech support request is available from several people/departments – managers can read the tech support logs, explain what the problem is/was, the underlying problems where, review actions taken the resolve the tech support issues, and a final disposition of the tech support request. None of these things happened with me, to the point that I did not know that Auctiva had received the problem, if Auctiva was aware of the problem, if Auctiva was working on the problem, and finally, I did not understand that my problems where understood by Auctiva. BASICALLY, there has been no communication from Auctiva about the problems.

I do not feel that a community bulletin board is a proper or correct method of providing tech support. Even the company does not instruct users to go to the bulletin board for tech support; the instructions are to complete a form that provides the limited information that I perceive as the problem. My limited understanding of any issues prevents me from understanding that Auctiva has been unable to address the listing problem for five days. FIVE DAYS! I still do not know if Auctiva is having a problem, if the problem has been solved, if there is a work-around; BASICALLY, Auctiva has not posted any notice to anyone about the problem, about Auctiva “network” issues or application problems; BASICALLY, Auctiva has known about a problem that they can not fix, Auctiva allows its users to waist their time and efforts trying to use their services that they know are not working correctly. Because they are not communicating with user experiencing the problems, neither Auctiva nor the users understand the problems, possible solution, and the resolutions of the issues.

Rick, Auctiva is not even communicating with you. You invest your time and effort or not into a listing, then try to make a posting. If the system is not working, every place I have been took the non-working problem as a paramount issue and informed all users of the problem(s). I am just trying to figure out how Auctiva communicates with it users concerning tech support issues. I just would like to know when Auctiva problems affect me and stop me from using their services. I would prefer not waist my time and efforts while problems prevent the system from working; if Auctiva has this information, it would be nice if Auctiva post this information so all users can help solve the problems. Since Auctiva Kevin K. , VP Engineering, Premier Poster was trying to communicate with me by the bulletin board, and I did not know that the bulletin board was the official method of communication for Auctiva, and I signed off the bulletin board for 24 hours or more. Since I was not using the bulletin board for communication with Auctiva, I feel that good information that Auctiva could use to solve the problems was not given to Auctiva.

In addition, Rick, because you are signed in more regularly than I am, you would make a great board administrator, but you are not the board administrator. While you are useful, I feel that official communication from Auctiva should come from an Auctiva employee, dealing with Auctiva issues directly to me, an Auctiva user; since you have no standing, meaning you can not the speaker for or can not commit for Auctiva, and you can not order Auctiva to do anything, I confused to your official function. Again, I appreciate your administrative functions, thank you.

I do not mean to be disrespectful to you or Auctiva, but I do not understand business model, their method of communication and how Auctiva is selling their solution.

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Your response to Auctiva Kevin K a couple posts above is customer input going straight to support.

Oddly enough, I was having all sorts of problems on Sunday and I almost didn't even try Monday (because of what I was reading on the boards) but I ended up having no problems at all..
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