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Reply to "CONSIGNMENT SHOP Functionality..." STINKS big time in comparison to Auctiva! (just in case anyone was wondering Wink ) Bland and boring...wasn't what I wanted....templates weren't an option ...I even tried last night, and unless you're a wiz at html (I mean, I can hold my own), but who has time to customize their own templates insert links for photos, etc etc?!?! Overall, the software seemed a bit confusing to me and not very "user friendly" in a way that I felt I needed an instruction manual, where here (at Auctiva), it's smoothe sailing and self explanitory.

Regardless, I REALLY do like Auctiva ~ especially the templates and being able to customize them; the extra perks with pictures and scheduling are also wonderful! Now, if we can just work on the "glitches" and system interuptions we'd be set Wink

I spent a bit of time just now going through several peoples' postings and comments and I can appreciate the frustration they've had with this software, however, when it is's WONDERFUL...I've seen and sampled others and even worked with some "franchise" software...Auctiva truly does have a great concept here and with a little more elbow-grease, I'm thinking they'll get the "kinks" worked out sooner or later.

So to those that have posted poorly and with such "evil frustration", and yes I've commented negatively myself at times, we all just need to relax and let them (Auctiva) do their thing; it's really not as "bad" as some on here say it's not, really. I've been to the "other side"....LOL...and it's much worse!

Auctiva has a great concept, and I'm hoping with this Phase II they'll be rolling out next year, they'll have some wonderful improvements; perhaps some Consignment software features...that would be killer Big Grin

So, good luck to everyone and I hope we all do well with out listings Smile

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