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Could this be a spam disguised as coming from Auctiva?

Hi, I have been a member of Auctiva for a year or so, and have made many a (successful) listings that were posted to ebay. What a great service Auctiva is -- I am very happy with it. Anyway, I received an email which appeared to be from Auctiva, which stated:
Dear mzchristy : You've signed up for Auctiva and have yet to create a new listing. Are you encountering difficulties?
The email continues with links to Auctiva help, tutorials, etc.
My concern is that this may be a spam email, since I have created many listings on Auctiva. Would someone at Auctiva like to have the entire email forwarded to them for further investigation, or do you suppose this was just a glitch and I was sent the email in error?

Thanks for a wonderful service.
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