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Reply to "Customer won't pay - I need advice"

So I marked the dispute as us mutually agreeing to back out of the sale.

Then she went in, said that she did not agree, she still wanted the item, and closed the dispute. And I haven't heard from her since. Now I get no credit and she doesn't get a strike. Clever.

OH Im going through this right now myself , i had a buyer do a buy it now and then email me and ask does it fit a 30GB Video/Photo Ipod "cause the screen looks to small" i replied that it does not fit the Video Ipod but the Photo Ipod which is a totally different ipod (Evo2 Vs Evo3!)

so i tell him that no prob , he bought it as a mistake and i will just send a mutual agreement and neither of use will have to pay.

i send it and he replies to it almost immediate with "i e-mailed the seller a couple times to ask about the item purchased with no response. the item
described is not the item sold basically. the seller said it was one thing and it is not. i will not
pay any fee's. "

GRRR , i reply with the following :

The item is EXACTLY what is listed , YOU do NOT KNOW what ipod you have !!!!
It says NOWHERE that it fits an ipod video !
NOW you will have to pay for the item or take an unpaid item strike , if you had just said we had agreed not to complete the sell, nobody would have had to pay , now i have to pay the fees for selling it to YOU , so YOU are going to pay me for the item you bought , any questions should have been answered BEFORE purchase , i was very nice , most buyers would have given you an unpaid item strike for backing out of the purchase , but you think i should pay for your mistaken purchase , sorry ebay does not work that way , when you clicked buy it now , you bought it , i expect payment within 24 hours , Thank you .
So i go to file an unpaid item and i CANT !
im so ticked off i researched this guys name and sent my brother after him in Halo LOL

I emailed ebay but havent gotten a response , i think its ridiculous now that i have to eat the auction and final value fees because i gave the guy a break Frown
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