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Deliver to & free shipping help

Hey guys,

I have (literally) only just started using Auctiva. I have a couple of probably really stupid questions... but hoping someone can help me Razz

I have completed my listing as comprehensively as possible. When I preview the listing a couple of pieces of information are missing:

--> The estimated delivery dates/times are blank. (I have scanned the shipping profile again and again but I just can't seem to find the tabs to enter this information ??? )
--> The deliver to: is blank (even though I've chosen Australia in the listing
--> Although I have selected 0.00 for free shipping, instead of saying 'FREE' is just says 0.00 when I preview.

I have been to the FAQ's but can't find it and I can't be assed waiting for the Webinar or some such. someone help! Smile

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