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Reply to "Did you know?"

Originally posted by starrynight:
What happened to that post??

I didn't see the post as bad in any way. Heck, I thought the same thing (about the word mix-up), but didn't post earlier because I thought you prefered there be no replies. Now that there are replies... I'm appalled that anyone would do the things you've described.

Since I'm posting, what is CPS?

I didn't see anything wrong with their post either. I mean, we all make typos, misspell words and use improper grammar from time to time. It's good to know we have a special group of people who are out their ready to aid each and every one of us in our quest of perfecting the English language. That's why I thanked the wonderful Spell / Grammar Checker of Joy for their prompt and courteous attention.

Of course, the only SCOJ/GCOJ I have had the pleasure of knowing hail from far beyond this galaxy. Good to know we have them here as well. Anyway, maybe it had something to do with my bringing up the IP address? Who knows for sure? Only they do. No matter. I enjoyed their post so much, I quoted it.

CPS stands for child protective services.

Yes, it is very appalling to 'know' there are people out there who do indeed 'do' these types of things. Sad as it is, they do.

I suppose the best the rest of us can do is make sure such nasty deeds do not go unpunished. Thus, not only insuring our own safety but the safety of any potential future victims as well. For every action there's a reaction. Beyond forum life is a world of law. Laws are meant to be enforced or they are meaniless.

I intend to give 'meaning' to the law that applies in this situation.

Okay, that's all I have to say. Have a great day. Smile
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