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Reply to "Digital Delivery Sellers, Kiss your Livelyhood Goodbye"

Originally posted by Burly:
Greetings All, Hey Donna;

I know that this announcement is not good news for some, but there are alternatives to this problem. As usual, I don't focus on the negative side of an issue but there is a positive solution to this problem where you don't have to use ebay classified, where you can sell on ebay with a small minor adjustment.

Normally, I don't share my sources on doing things but I have been doing this for some time and it is easy, affordable and profitable. Before I talk about it I want to make it clear I don't make anything off what I am about to say. I just want to show there is a positive solution to this challenge.

I have been using a company called Kunaki to produce all of my digitale products that I sell to my wholesale customers. The cost is unbeliveablely low, no miniums, the software is free, the cost is $1.75 ea regardless of quanity and includes a jewell case with your custom art. They will dropship to your customers for you if you wish ( I find this very handy for my wholesale accounts). Once you create it you just sell it......

Heres the link

Besides ebay and amazon, you can also sell your cd products on:


Or CD Baby if you produce your own music:

Like I said I make nothing off this, I am sharing this info so that some can benefit from it and look at it in a new light......not all is doom and gloom.

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