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Reply to "do not take paypal"

When did Ebay get rid of buyer/seller protection when accepting money orders?

During the last 6 months to a year ?

Just look at active listings, when it was changed it was 'spun' as an improvement when announced here. Upped the PP protection and removed it from non-PP transactions.

Having used the earlier so called protection applied to cheques it was useless. I successfully claimed against a rogue power seller and still had to pay a £15 fee and they would only accept evidence by post and fax, no e-mail, no responses or acknowledgements, despite answer or else attitude to any question they sent. Heavy handed, buyer guilty until proven innocent, basically a total waste of time and the PS kept on selling.

Personally I doubt the current protection is much better and only covers a few countries.

You are on your own !!
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