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Reply to "do not take paypal"

Appears that everybody is afraid something will go wrong with the transaction..or else, they are in a hurry for their money.
So you have to go to the bank and wait to send the item---what's the problem with that?
If the buyer needs it right now---send a message to the seller. I have worked with several buyers on this and never had a problem.
I have had buyers give me positive feedback in the form of comments and then give me less than 100% on the stars. Why?
The fact that the buyer can leave feedback in the form of a ""star"", is not fair to the seller, (esp. when the seller can not tell who rated them how). Once the package leaves the sellers hands, arrival time can not be controlled.
The star related issue can be addressed several ways...BUT what IF you send the item right away and it gets lost by the post office....Who gets blamed???? Not the post office---the seller..
What ever happened to the HONEST seller? How can you tell which is which????? I, for one, am an honest seller and would like to continue to use ebay. The recent changes and the upcoming changes have really caused an uproar in the ebay community. Is anyone listening?
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