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Reply to "do not take paypal"

BUT there are or WERE a lot of sellers out there just like me, a little guy just trying to survive. Let's hear from them.

You did hear from one. I'm one.

A small seller for 11 years. At my zenith I was doing about $3000 a month. That's when I was a power seller, times were different, eBay was fun, the economy was good, people had plenty of spare money, items were still available a garage and estate sales for little cost, and pretty much everything sold for a ratio of 10:1.

No more.

It's no longer fun. And not entirely because of eBay. eBay has taken some of the fun away, the rest just left on it's own. It's actually work.

Being a Powerseller ended up being an eBay indentured slave. I was so glad the day I lost my Powerseller status. Back then it meant nothing. Probably still doesn't, except for the discounts most WON'T get.

Things are no longer cheap at garage and estate sales because those people now know where the items are going. So they want their "cut". Well, now prices to obtain items are about what you might sell it for, so there is no reason to buy things. When something cost $10 and you sold it for $75, it was amazing. But there is no reason to buy some item at a garage sale for $25 if it's going to sell for $25 (or less). I've been burned too many times. I don't bother with sales any more.

Now I sell maybe 20 items a month. I prefer Paypal. I don't view it as protection. i don't need the protection. I've never had a bad buyer experience. I want the money to move the item out quicker. It's an efficiency thing. Plus I have "funny money" I can spend on anything I want.
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