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Do you know about the Ebay Boycott May 1st and Beyond?? Please join me and MANY other sellers in boycotting Ebay beginning
May, 1 2008 and lasting until Ebay makes a change! Ebay has become
unreasonable and is pushing many of its best sellers out the door in
favor of sellers with bad business practices, simply because of money!
The specific reasons for boycotting Ebay are outlined below. Let's
make our voices heard and demand change!On February 18, 2008 Ebay
implemented changes that make it nearly impossible for the average
seller to continue selling on Ebay, due to drastic fee changes and the
inability to leave an honest feedback. At least one Ebay official has
been quoted as saying that Ebay has become too much of a flea market
and the goal is to become somewhat of a "high-end" mall. This new
"goal" of Ebay's will affect not only many of its most loyal sellers,
but buyers who come to Ebay looking for hard to find items or specific
collector items. Ebay as we know it will no longer exist unless we
make our voices heard.

Ebay Changes:

FEEDBACK—Sellers can no longer leave an honest feedback about buyers.
If a buyer doesn't pay, demands a payment method that the seller
doesn't accept, lies about not receiving an item, or any number of
other scenarios, sellers can only leave a positive feedback. Ebay has
taken away the ability of the seller to warn future sellers about a
bad buyer. We know that whether online or in a bricks and mortar
business, all businesses have customers that cause trouble and are
simply dissatisfied no matter how many hoops a seller might jump

Feedback older than twelve months will no longer be displayed. Many
sellers have built their business through blood, sweat, and tears and
have worked extremely hard for many years to build their feedback. Now
Ebay has taken away the good seller's reputation. Ebay was built on
feedback, allowing users to see what kind of reputation a buyer or
seller has can be the ultimate push to make a purchase. If you checked
someone's feedback and saw nothing but glowing reviews for several
years, you might be more likely to purchase an item from this seller
over a seller who fails to ship products, or inaccurately describes
their products. With Ebay's new rules, feedback is essentially
worthless. Checking feedback for buyer is completely inaccurate since
a seller can only leave positive remarks, and feedback for sellers is
inaccurate due to limitations on the duration feedback can remain.

Detailed Seller Ratings-- Better known as DSR's, Detailed Seller
Ratings will now be linked to Ebay's search. Sellers who have higher
DSR's will have their items appear higher in Ebay searches. This is
unjust and unfair to new sellers who have NO DSR, and to established
sellers who may have had a personal emergency which caused a delay
in shipping, a buyer who doesn't leave the DSR, simply because they
don't understand it, or don't care to take the time to rate a seller,
or any other number of scenarios. If a seller's DSR is rated 4.0 out
of 5, under Ebay's new rules, this seller is considered "Bad". Their
items will appear below others in search results.

PAYMENTS HELD—Sellers who accept Paypal will be subject to having
their payments held for up to 21 days under Ebays new rules. That means some will have to pay for shipping up front out of your pocket. If a bad buyer says they don't receive then you won't get any of your money. This
applies to sellers who Ebay deems "risky" AND items that are listed in
"risky" categories. Things like video games, cell phones, and
televisions. If payment is held, a seller must ship the product, with
NO MONEY in hand, and rely on the buyer to leave a positive feedback.
If the buyer fails to leave feedback, the seller must wait up to 21
days to receive his or her money. This pushes sellers who drop ship
completely out of business. These sellers must pay for items BEFORE
they are shipped. Having their funds held for up to 21 days
essentially causes seller's to close their business. In what other
retail environment does the buyer get to receive their products before
the seller gets paid. Just try that at Wal-mart, walk in and say "I'm
taking this and if I like it, and I think you deserve it, I'll pay you
within 21 days." I'm sure you'd end up in the back of a police car.
Sellers who have less than 100 positive feedback are also considered
risky. Ebay is attempting to "grandfather in" it's power sellers and
prevent anyone new from being successful on Ebay.

Sellers who receive too many negative feedbacks in a certain time
frame are also subject to payments being held. If you have problems
with a shipper (as many of us have), if you can ship an item due to
Ebay and Paypal holding your funds and lose your status with a
dropshipper, not only do you get rewarded with your payments being
held, you are pushed out of business.

FEES—Ebay wants sellers to think that the fees have DECREASED… and
they have, but only on the front end, with listing fees. On the back
end, they have INCREASED dramatically. While Ebay dropped insertion
fees by about 5 cents, the final value fees have been raised by up to
66%! I would say that is an INCREASE! Ebay will no longer refund
reserve-auction fees. Previously this fee was refunded if the item
sold; now the Ebay conglomerate pockets this fee. Sellers who have an
Ebay store now, not only pay their monthly fees and listing fees, now
they are subject to final value fees being increased by up to 12%.
This is causing many sellers to go under and close up shop. Those
sellers who also accept PayPal are charged fees of up to 2.99% for
accepting payments. This is causing many sellers to actually LOSE
money each time they sell an item on Ebay!

Ebay has become too greedy, their greed has caused many sellers to go
belly-up. Let's make our voices heard and make Ebay realize that
without us, Ebay doesn't exist!!! For more links on this see my about me page on ebay my id is menana2u Hope you will join us in this boycott.
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