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Reply to "Do you know about the Ebay Boycott May 1st and Beyond??"

Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
So time to move on . . .

There really is no where to move on to. Not yet.

Meanwhile my sales are in the toilet. Almost nothing is selling, or selling for very low prices. The "look counts" are high, just no bids.

I sold an item last night for 99 cents. Yes, I listed it for 99 cents hoping to spark interest. It sold with one bid, paid by paypal.

My take? 24 cents. 15 cents to list, 9 cents FVF, 51 cents to Paypal. This is really worth my time. No more 99 cent items.

Meanwhile I need the money to pay bills. everything is in unrest. Am I being paranoid? Is all this yelling causing the problems, or are people just not buying because they have no money? I can't say.

I can still say that all the other "alternate" web sits are worthless.
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