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Reply to "Do you know about the Ebay Boycott May 1st and Beyond??"

Hi JeffS

Oh dear getting rather pessimistic aren't we Frown

I realise that you have many years of experience and I have only been on greedbay since 2005 but I am going to say it anyway.

Look at it this way, a lot of sellers probably still won't know about or care about the proposed boycott, most buyers will probably not know anything about it or even notice a variation in the number of active sellers when it happens.

Sales are more like to slump through many economic reasons, national or personal, seasonal fluctuations and fads, I doubt buyers are thinking *!@*!! greedbay lets stop buying through greedbay as the sellers are being fleeced.

It really depends on what your products are to how many of those factors will affect you.

So if sales are slow and it certainly seems that way to me lately, even very patchy does that not mean that there is nothing to lose by listing on some cheaper sites especially if greedbay STR is dropping to match minor site STR's for your wares.

Therefore what I am doing is finding sites that are cost effective even if STR is low and now sorting out how I can blog and advertise my presence on these minor sites, there are plenty of examples appearing on these forums and Tazbar’s.

If a minor site does not appear in the buying publics mind (and most do not) then we need to jump on to social networking sites tell people how wonderful our wares are and then tell them where they can buy these essentials they did not know they needed. I am thinking more like the advertising companies I depise all the time Red Face

All this is quite alien to me but I’ll be damned if greedbay is going to ruin my chances of being my own boss in the longer term. Razz

Further effort is required to send mailshots to my greedbay regulars, custom dispatch notes giving information on where they will find a much bigger choice of my wares.

Basically we have had it too easy on greedbay and many new greedbayers will jump in taking what they see as the norm and going from there. Isn’t this analogous to road traffic, when I started driving you could lterally park anywhere virtually no traffic queues, but now, arrrgh, so now I find it all rather tedious and rather walk or take the train. When our lad starts driving lessons soon all this will be his ‘norm’ goodness knows what it will be like on the roads in another 40 years, I certainly will not be around to care !

So, in summary, if STR on greedbay is sinking, makes the STR on other sites more attractive especially as they have lower fees but we on the otherhand must promote ourselves much more aggressively, greedbay does that for us, they know this hence they can force the fees up at will as most cannot or will not promote themselves.

This peasant is revolting Big Grin
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