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Reply to "Do you surf the web while watching TV?"

Joe...I love our wireless! We have all the computers networked and woohoo! Life is sweet!

Starry...Yep! I list while I'm glancing back and forth at the television. I answer my emails while watching Survivor or the latest of Lost. If it's really something I want to see and give it my undivided attention I'll TIVO it so I savor it at a later time.

Computers are considered standard operating hardware of most houses now. Just like a stove, refrigerator, etc.

I'm probably one of the last of a dying breed, I don't have any IM'ers cause well, I just don't. But I do have my multiple windows/tabs open on a browser while I'm glancing around keeping up with the household.

Gawd everyone from my friends and family to my childrens friends etc, surfs while they're watching tv or talking on the phone etc.

It's the multi-task lifestyle that we live. You can pay your bills online at the same time you're reading the latest news on MSNBC or looking up your child's grades or answering emails while CSI is digging up the latest cadaver.

TV most certainly affects buying on eBay/sites etc. Just watch the dip during American Idol. It was even shown during the documentary on eBay. They watched the roll from east coast to west coast as the numbers dropped.

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