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Reply to "Do you surf the web while watching TV?"

Originally posted by attire4less:
I am seriously considering not listing on American Idol nights. But, that would take away from 2 nights I usually do well. Maybe not list one of them. I don't know what to do! But, this stinks. My mom was telling me retail is slow in February. I think I agree. I just don't remember it being like this. I am listing 2-3 times more than I ever did, good prices & sell-thru hasn't budged much. Can you sense my frustration. Overworked & underpaid!!!

Remember how crazed America is with American Idol? If you saw that documentary they showed eBay watching screens all across America and the numbers drop off on ebay until the show is over.

I decided today I'm changing my closing times on AI night to AFTER the show ends.

I'll come back next week and give you the specs on my experiment...ok?

Frustrated? You have a right to be when it hits the pocketbook.

Take care,
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