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Reply to "Do you take checks?"

I never advertised that I took checks but if they asked I USED to say ok.

Here's what happened to me -
rec'd check deposited waited 10 days and mailed off the item. 45 days later I got hit with the return of the check - sort of. The check did not bounce for NSF. They claimed FRAUD once they received the statement from their bank that showed the check clearing. WHich could end up being up to 90 days when you consider when the check is bank, their statement date and then 30 days for a person to disbute a charge on their bank statement.
Anyways, I shipped to the name and address printed on the check. I had eDC showing it was delivered to that address.
HOWEVER, the person who's name and address was on the check moved 18 months before that.
Being that at one time in my life I did collection work, I traced the address and was able to find out infact it was true. That person no longer lived at that address. I filed a post office investigation, which again showed that person didn't live ther and of course the folks living there claimed they never received a package.

YES, the name on the check had filed a change of address with the PO but those expire in 12 months so it was no longer in the system.

Best I could piece together is that the residents of the home happened to find an old check and had boxes of them printed and had being using them. The person who's name was on the check seemed like a nice enough guy, willing to work with me in getting the information I was seeking. Even emailed me a copy of his police report he made because apparently a ton of these checks started hitting his bank. I quickly realized that he had much bigger problems with this then I did.

NOW, I won't take a check unless it is a return customer and I don't advertise that either.
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