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Reply to "E-bay store"

Here's a great thread with a link to some really REALLY good information. At least you'll have something to weigh the pro's and con's.

I personally love my store. I shut down one of my eBay ID stores last year when the fee's went up. Too bad...eBay lost alot of stores when they upped fee's.

Do as wayoutwest is doing...try it. It'll take a few days to get into Froogle/Google and the search engines.

Submit your store yourself, too!!!!!

Even if the first month you aren't as successful as you hoped..think on it this way..that it will take customers to find your store via searches, bookmark it and more.

I'd give it at least 2 months at the minimum.

Alot of stuff, I put in my store is slower moving. That way, you just never know when a random internet search will bring them to your store due to your submitting yourself to the search engines. Mix up your auctions, buy it now, auction, fixed price, etc and it will build your number of bids.

Good Luck,
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