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Reply to "E-bay store"

Originally posted by Shelainesgems:
thats a great deal of info! Thanks!! BTW, how many ebay stores did you have?

Off and on in the many years I've been with ebay...I've had three different stores. When eBay upped their fee's, I knocked one down and the year before that, I had one on another ID and it just wasn't fulfilling what I'd wanted it to. I.E., making buckeroo's. It was easier to consolidate than spread that store got the boot in the back from ole Suthrnjewl.

Joe Crane had an EXCELLENT suggestion. Buy your domain name then have it forward the URL to your eBay store. Excellent posting!

Plus then you'll have a matching email address to go along with the domain name.

Gotta run!
Good Luck and By the way...THANKS!
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