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Reply to "E-bay store"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:

Do you mean that you sell enough that it's cheaper than if you were listing auctions only

It seems to work better for me, yes. I don't sell really high priced items. And it's often hit or miss for me in auctions. I can put things out on auction or out in fixed price, and nothing. I don't understand it. But then I put the same listing, with often a higher price, and it sells in my store two days later. I don't truly understand it. But my profits are up this month--with fewer auctions. I thought it was because Ebay was putting store listings right in the search results, but I kept selling even after they stopped doing this.

I really just started seeing more sales in my store because I've been working on my store inventory. Now it's down to nothing, I'm afraid. But that's where I'm going to focus my effort--for now anyway.

However, I did start out with low opening bid auctions in the beginning to drive people to my store. I haven't even been doing that lately. But that does work. People look at your other items. And then there's the whole concept of watching an item in a store. I know I like to think about it and will watch an item in a store for up to a month. And as a buyer, I don't like waiting for an auction to end--or missing out because someone outbid me at the last moment. When I shop ebay, I shop more in the stores. And maybe there's others like me.

But I must stress, I'm no power seller. I'm not crunching numbers or anything like that. It's just my own observations with my own little store. Have a good weekend everyone.
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